Ringed by green hills, scenic Xuan Dai Bay is home to a vibrant fishing and lobster farming industry. Explore the tranquil waters of the bay dotted with fishing boats and floating seafood farms with the resort’s own standup paddle boards and kayaks



The flat roads around Que Toi Village are also ideal for cycling. Hop on one of the resort’s bicycles and cycle past lush rice paddies into the sleepy town of Song Cau where you can see fishing boats moored along the river and explore the local market with its friendly sellers and authentic street food including “banh xeo”, a local specialty of sizzling crepes stuffed with shrimp. The nearby salt fields are also extremely photogenic. Cycle along quiet concrete paths through a small village and see how seawater is directed into carefully tended, shallow fields until salt crystals form

Set aside a half- or full-day to spend on the resort’s private island of Nhat Tu Son. Travel 20 minutes by boat right from the resort or get a car transfer and walk over the exposed sandbar to the forested island. Spend the day lazing on the small beach and swim in the clear, emerald waters or hike around the island with a stop at the bird sanctuary and koi pond. Opt to make a day of it with a pre-packed picnic lunch or eat at the on-site restaurant.

The calm, warm waters around Song Cau are perfect for raising lobsters. A local highlight is visiting one of these lobster farms, ingeniously buoyed by floating barrels. Climb aboard the platform and see how the locals breed, raise, feed and harvest these colorful crustaceans in netted pens suspended in the waters below. You can even buy a few to enjoy back at the resort, excellent grilled with a touch of butter and garlic.

Another popular activity is spending the early morning with some of the local fishermen. Enjoy a few peaceful hours on the water as the sun rises, lulled by the gentle rocking of the boat and the sound of the waves. Try your hand at fishing the local way or simply observe as the fishermen expertly cast their nets.

The coast to the north and south of Que Toi is home to many other fascinating points of interest. Nature lovers can spend a blissful day beach hopping while history buffs will enjoy visiting the dozen or so Hindu-influenced Cham towers dating back as early as the 10th century, grand vestiges of the seafaring Champa Kingdom which once ruled over this area of Vietnam.

A one-hour drive south towards Tuy An, the capital of Phu Yen Province, makes for a great half-day trip, with stops at the unusual, honeycomb-like rock formations at Ghenh Da Dia; the 1892 Gothic-style Mang Lang Catholic Church; and the Quang Duc Xua Cultural Center showcasing historical artifacts and traditional pottery of the region in a beautiful wooden house set amidst lush gardens.