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Booked this resort from my friend’s recommendation and I am totally in love with Quê Tôi. Warm welcome from the staff with smile, they led us to my Villa on a beautiful road full of banana trees and plants. Surprised with the room so much!!! Elegant decoration, lovely set up, gorgeous view to the sea, a plus for sun beds in front of my villa, where truly found peace with sea waves and fishing boats. Amazing!! The pool is so inviting to swim in. We spent 2 hours there lol. Though we would like to go outside for a local taste of dinner, we tried some food in the restaurant. Good! Sufficient and well-cooked. Such nice settings for all that we expect. We will come back here for more. Thanks! P/s: there are two kayaks that we can take to go swim them out on the sea, it was at dawn, and unbelievably, the experience was second to none.

Diver on Beach



Trên cả tuyệt vời. Right in front of the beach with a great view. Problem is the highway is right behind the location. Noisy but not too bad. Big size room. Very well designed and set up. Staff is very helpful and friendly. Breakfast is good. The restaurant next door has excellent food choice.

Happy girl swimming in pool



Very friendly and helpful staff. Accommodation clean and spacious, modern and luxury. Bicycles for rent were new and good working. Breakfast also very good!




Mình đã có một kỳ nghỉ thật sự tuyệt vời và những trải nghiệm vô cùng thú vị tại Que Toi Village, mọi thứ từ bungalow nơi mình ở cho đến vườn hoa dọc lối đi, thái độ nhân viên và sự nhiệt tình thân thiện của những con người nơi đây, tất cả đã khiến chuyến đi lần đầu tiên một mình của mình trở thành một chuyến đi quá đỗi đáng yêu. Nhất định sẽ quay trở lại nơi đây nếu có dịp ghé Phú Yên

Young Couple on Beach



Que Toi Village is indeed the perfect stopover in little known Song Cau situated just 40 minutes south of Qui Nohn. Photos presented of the newly completed Resort dont do it justice - its better, much better. Architectural rooms and gardens are new and fresh with Staff keeping it looking brand new. The huge infinity pool and deck look out over the Bay with fishing boats putting around in the background. These boats provide the freshest seafood we enjoyed anywhere throughout Vietnam. Crabs, shrimp, prawns , lobsters, snails, shellfish, squid and many fish cooked to local recipes are heaven. Manager Diep was brilliant organising day trips and taxis and recommended the best restaurants and coffee joints in town. Even gave us the Local menu names to order our meals. Yes it is on the Highway but noise was soon forgotten and the advantage of a Bus Stop near Reception was priceless. Stay one day or seven like us - you wont be disappointed.



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